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  1. That’s really pretty! I like it a lot! I’ve been going away from fancy looking UIs and going with default things as much as possible because I might have to alternate between desktop and laptop this year and want to be comfortable… buuuut, I still look at all the UIs out there so I can be jealous.

    Couple questions for you!

    1- do major patches usually make you tear your hair out in frustration and make you end up building a new ui a couple weeks later with the new addons that got updated?

    2- how does your specific addon handle 25man raids or, say, a 40man av. Does Grid go nuts?

    • I was going nuts when 4.0 happened and ruined my last UI completely *lol* The updated version still doesn’t work dimension wise for me for some reason. If I have a UI that I like, I try to stick to it between patches. A lot of times the add-on developers are on the ball and an update is already available on patch day, or within a couple of days. Since your data is saved in your WTF folder 9 times out of 10 the add-on will be fine as soon as you update without even tweaking being necessary. (Either that, or I’ve just been really lucky hehe). After 4.0 I ran with the default UI for weeks, but it was annoying me too much since I was used to having my unit frames at the bottom – so I finally gave up and went back to making my own.

      Well, admittedly my Grid placement is because I mainly do 10 mans (anything bigger and it won’t fit at the bottom next to Omen). If I was to join a 25 man or 40 man (PvP mainly) I just move Grid to my “old” spot up on the right hand side. Grid does generally seem to be quick to recognise the size of the raid and adjust accordingly.

  2. Shiny! My UI is honestly … it’s not a mess but it’s not attractive. It’s, err, functional. If it was a person it would be wearing glasses basically 🙂

    I like the idea of obituary, btw – does it say things like “Tam died of stupid” or “Tam ran face first into death” – that would also be helpful 😉

    • Obituary has been the love of my life since I found it, seriously. I love being able to be the (horrible) person saying “X died from Y” when the raid leader asks why they died. There will be no mercy for dying in raids! Muahaha… Eh, I mean.. yeah it’s totally useful!

      It doesn’t say that you died of the stupid, but in my mind I just auto-edit things so that I still read “Tam died to stupid (1500 overkill)” instead of “Tam died to Intense Fire (1500 overkill)”. Maybe we should ask the add-on author for the possibility to just replace any killing blow name with “stupid”. 😉

  3. Looks good!

    Which addon gives you the texture behind all the stuff on the bottom?

    An alternative to Obituary is Fatality. I love how that mod calls people out in raids. tee hee.

    Also, would you mind updating the link to my site in your blogroll? I’ve moved. Thanks!

    • The bottom texture is brought to us by Btex (the framework), and the actual texture is called Cataclysm 🙂

      Fatality seems neat too 🙂 I like obituary since it only shows the information to me, so if it’s not useful to anyone else it doesn’t bother them. (It does kinda spam me in PvP though.. stupid alliance dies too much!)

      Oops sorry, I never realised it wasn’t updated since my feedreader was still picking up the changes. Will fix it now to the new link 🙂

  4. Wow, that’s really pretty, especially with the texture frame thing across the bottom. Might just have to try that out!

    Haven’t found a way to remove the objectives either, eh? I guess it will be useful after the Shattering breaks all the questing mods, but it still annoys me that it’s not removable :-/

    • I admittedly use the quest objectives that Blizzard put, but if I wanted to get rid of them I could move them off screen I guess. SexyMap allows you to move the map as well as the repair picture that pops up when your items go yellow/red and the quest objectives. It’s not ideal, but if you wanted to get rid of them I guess you could just move them so far off the screen you can’t see them 😛

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