Chronic Fatigue and Motherhood — 3 Comments

  1. You’re doing amazing!

    Fatigue is no joke, I’m in awe of how you manage to work full time, raise a child and do anything around the house while dealing with debilitating health conditions! I’m not suffering from anything, I have a great sleeper of a child, I’m lucky to have a long mat leave and I STILL have days where I physically can’t get off the couch!

    Ultimately, I think it doesn’t matter if the house isn’t perfect or the schedule isn’t full – there’s nothing more important to our little ones’ development than quality time with mom and dad.

    • Thank you, but I don’t! I realise now my post wasn’t really clear! I *was* working full time up until maternity leave. I’ve not actually gone back to work, and in fact, ended up resigning. Over here childcare is so expensive that it would have taken most of my salary, at which point it just didn’t seem worth it. And if I’m honest I think it’s the better choice anyway. I really don’t think I could have handled working full time and then coming home and taking care of the little hurricane that is my daughter.

      Even just taking care of the Imp and trying to keep a tidy house is hard enough. And I am failing at times (like right now when I’m doing a bit worse), and I have to try to remember that she doesn’t care if I don’t do the dishes straight after dinner. The only one who really cares if the house isn’t spotless is me. But it’s soooo hard to get away from that feeling of wanting to be able to do it all. I wonder if that’s a woman thing? My partner has no problems with the place being untidy, and actually gets annoyed when I complain too much about it hahaha

  2. Men du, går det att få hjälp m städningen? För att jämföra sig m alla andra är bara totalt bortkastat. Du har dina förutsättningar – och en väldigt klok man till på köpet.

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