The Imp — 2 Comments

  1. My toddler just turned 2.5 and they just become bigger and bigger beasts. I swear the kid is going to break a bone (mine) at some point.

    I will tell you, that even though I don’t comment, I love reading about the imp. I think it really does make a difference if you have spawn of your own. In any case, don’t apologize for gushing about your offspring. They are only this little once and if this is how we get to remember it, then by all means go for it!


    • Thank you! I love reading about other people’s children these days, even if it makes me feel like a little, weird stalker hahaha Especially if their similar ages to the Imp.

      I’m convinced the Imp will break a bone (her own!) before she’s 5, since she loves climbing everything and has no fear! I’ve found her on the windowsill behind the curtains a few times!

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