Warlock Pre-Raid Loot (85) — 22 Comments

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  5. Thanks for this great list 🙂 really comes in handy while gearin for raids 🙂

    And, one of the wand option items isn’t in game 🙁
    There is no HC version of Wand of Dark Worship (Stonecore – Trash), looting this item in a HC gives you the normal, ilevel 316 version. This has been conformed by a GM.

    But still, thanks for the list 😀


  6. Another MH/OH option is the

    Elementium Spellblade (crafted Blacksmith)
    Hermit’s Lamp (950 Justice Points)

    Nice list, wish I had seen it when I started gearing. Would have saved me many searches for upgrades on wowhead 🙂

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