Warlock Pre-Raid Loot (85)

Updated: I’ve included the new drops from the Zandalari dungeons. Also, I’m listing the items that you can get from Valor points since with the increased number of point you can get per week without raiding, it’s now something you can get without stepping foot into a raid. (Obviously not including the Head and Shoulder tier pieces since those you have to raid to obtain.)

Today Cataclysm is released and we’re all starting our trek to level 85. While leveling I never feel that gear is very important, so I’ve not really bothered finding out what there is to get. However, once I hit 85 I want to know where to go so that I can get myself raid ready. The below list is for myself as much as it may be useful to other casters (which is basically only other warlocks and mages, possibly shadow priests to some extent), but do note that the list is mainly aimed towards warlocks since it will list daggers and swords for weapons and ignore maces (for shadowpriests). Mages however should be looking for the same gear I imagine.

The list is arranged by slot, with the information about where to get it in brackets behind it. I’ve ignored loot from normal dungeons since for raids I will mainly be going for the Heroic loot. There is also craftables and reputation rewards. Nore that I’ve also listed the Archeology items that are rare and somewhat random, but I figured I’d list them in case someone is lucky, and it’s nice to know what is available.

Spirit items are not included since Spirit is a useless stat for a Warlock.

In the meantime, good luck and enjoy your leveling experience!


Collar of Bones (Zul’Aman – Daakara)

Crown of Enfeebled Bodies (Grim Batol – Erudax)

Helm of the Typhonic Beast (Halls of Origination – Setesh)

Blinders of the Follower (Shadowfang Keep – Lord Walden)

Cowl of Pleasant Gloom (Vendor – 2200 Justice Points)

Lightweight Bio-Optic Killshades (Crafted: Engineering ONLY)


Jan’alai’s Spaulders (Zul’Aman – Jan’alai)

Mantle of Master Cho (Lost City of Tol’vir – Siamat, Lord of South Wind)

Mantle of the Eastern Lords (Shadowfang Keep – Lord Godrey)

Meadow Mantle (Vendor – 1650 Justice Points)


Inquisition Robes (Blackrock Caverns – Rom’ogg Bonecrusher)

Robes of Rampant Growth (Halls of Origination – Ammunae)

Robes of Arugal (Shadowfang Keep – Baron Ashbury)

Corsair’s Overshirt (Deadmines – “Captain” Cookie)

Robes of Embalmed Darkness (Vendor – 2200 Justice Points)

Shadowflame Robes (Vendor – 2200 Valor Points)

Robes of Orsis (Reputation Reward: Ramkahen – Revered)


Sash of Anguish (Zul’Gurub – High Priestess Kilnara)

Beauty’s Silken Ribbon (Blackrock Caverns – Beauty)

Stratosphere Belt (Vortex Pinnacle – Grand Vizier Ertan)

Incense Infused Cumberbund (Vendor – 1650 Justice Points)

Dreamless Belt (Crafted: Tailoring)


Mnemiopsis Gloves (Throne of the Tides – (Ozumat)

Gloves of the Painless Midnight (Vendor – 1650 Justice Points)

Shadowflame Handwraps (Vendor – 1650 Valor Points)

Flamebloom Gloves (Reputation Reward: The Earthen Ring – Exalted)


Wristwraps of Madness (Zul’Aman – Second Chest, Timed Run)

Sand Silk Wristband (Lost City of Tol’vir – Lockmaw)

Armbands of Exiled Architects (Deadmines – Vanessa VanCleef)


Serpentine Leggings (Zul’Gurub – High Priest Venoxis)

Leggings of Ancient Magics (Zul’Aman – Akil’zon)

Legwraps of Astral Rain (Halls of Origination – Isiset)

Pensive Legwraps (Vendor – 2200 Justice Points)

Shadowflame Leggings (Vendor – 2200 Valor Points)

Breeches of Mended Nightmares (Crafted: Tailoring)

Flame-ascended Pantaloons (Crafted: Tailoring)


Boots of the Ursine (Zul’Aman – Nalorakk)

Slippers of the Twilight Prophet (Stonecore – High Priestess Azil)

Melodious Slippers (Vendor – 1650 Valor Points)

Desert Walker Sandals (Reputation Reward: Ramkahen – Exalted)


Hakkari Loa Drape (Zul’Gurub – Bloodlord Mandokir)

Periwinkle Cloak (Throne of the Tides – Lady Naz’jar)

Shadow of Perfect Bliss (Vortex Pinnacle – Asim al Akir)

Cloak of Ancient Wisdom (Reputation Reward: The Earthen Ring – Revered)

Haunt of Flies (Vendor – 1250 Valor Points)


Pipefish Cord (Throne of the Tides – Ozumat)

Charm of the Muse (Halls of Origination – Trash)

Tauntka’s Necklace (Lost City of Tol’vir – High Prophet Barim)

Pendant of the Keep (Shadowfang Keep)

Lightning Flash Pendant (Reputation Reward: Wildhammer Clan – Exalted)

Eye of Many Deaths (Crafted: Jewelcrafting)


Signet of Venoxis (Zul’Gurub – High Priest Venoxis)

Shimmerclaw Band (Zul’Aman – Halazzi)

Anthia’s Ring (Throne of the Tides – Erunak Stonespeaker)

Abandoned Dark Iron Ring (Grim Batol – Trash)

Band of Rays (Halls of Origination – Rajh)

Spirit Creeper Ring (Lost City of Tol’vir – General Husam)

Lavishly Jeweled Ring (Deadmines – Admiral Ripsnarl)

Rose Quartz Band (Stonecore – Slabhide)

Diamant’s Ring of Temperance (Reputation Reward: Therazane – Revered)

Band of Singing Grass (Reputation Reward: Wildhammer Clan – Revered)

Ring of the Boy Emperor (Crafted: Archeology – Rare Item – Binds to Account)

Ring of Warring Elements (Crafted: Jewelcrafting)

Band of Secret Names (Vendor – 1250 Valor Points)


Witching Hourglass (Blackrock Caverns – Ascendant Lord Obsidius)

Gale of Shadows (Grim Batol – Erudax)

Anhuur’s Hymnal (Halls of Origination – Temple Guardian Anhuur)

Sorrowsong (Lost City of Tol’vir – Siamat, Lord of South Wind)

Tendrils of Burrowing Dark (Stonecore – Ozruk)

Stump of Time (Reputation Reward: Baradin’s Wardens – Exalted)

Soul Casket (Vendor – 1650 Valor Points)


Legacy of Arlokk (Zul’Gurub – Jin’do the Godbreaker)

Voodoo Hexblade (Zul’Aman – Third Chest, Timed Run)

Cerith Spire Staff (Throne of the Tides – Commander Ulthok)

Modgud’s Blade (Grim Batol – General Umbriss)

Staff of Siphoned Essences (Grim Batol – Erudax)

Blade of the Burning Sun (Halls of Origination – Rajh)

Emberstone Staff (Deadmines – Foe Reaper 5000)

Biting Wind (Vortex Pinnacle – Grand Vizier Ertan)

Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan (Crafted: Archeology – Rare item – Binds to Account)


Beauty’s Favourite Bone (Blackrock Caverns – Beauty)

Book of Origination (Halls of Origination – Trash)


Touch of Discord (Zul’Gurub – Bloodlord Mandokir)

Zulian Voodoo Stick (Zul’Gurub – Archeology Summoned Bosses)

Corla’s Baton (Blackrock Caverns – Corla, Herald of Twilight)

Cookie’s Stirring Rod (Deadmines – “Captain” Cookie)


Lesser Inscription of the Charged Lodestone (Reputation Reward: Therazane – Honored)

Greater Inscription of the Charged Lodestone (Reputation Reward: Therazane – Exalted)

Arcanum of Hyjal (Reputation Reward: Guardians of Hyjal – Revered)

Enchanted Spellthread (Crafted: Tailoring)

Powerful Enchanted Spellthread (Crafted: Tailoring)



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  5. Thanks for this great list 🙂 really comes in handy while gearin for raids 🙂

    And, one of the wand option items isn’t in game 🙁
    There is no HC version of Wand of Dark Worship (Stonecore – Trash), looting this item in a HC gives you the normal, ilevel 316 version. This has been conformed by a GM.

    But still, thanks for the list 😀


  6. Another MH/OH option is the

    Elementium Spellblade (crafted Blacksmith)
    Hermit’s Lamp (950 Justice Points)

    Nice list, wish I had seen it when I started gearing. Would have saved me many searches for upgrades on wowhead 🙂

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