Have you ever…?

Lately, we’ve been reading Dr. Seuss to the baby goblin, before bed time.  It’s working like a charm, except for the silly rhymes and names of characters are stuck in my head!  Before I go to bed, I think “Sleep with my pet Zeep” …. and now, I’m thinking “Have you ever walked with ten cats on your head?”

So, have you ever been sitting around, chatting with a friend and thought “eh he he eh, we’re like the Beevis and Buthead of WoW! eh he he eh!” ?  I have.  Today, in fact!  I have difficulty finding the time to talk about everything I would like to, here, but in-game, funny stories and odd musings just flow like water off a glacier in the desert!

Today’s “Kim and Friend” musings takes us to the pandas and all the complaining surrounding them.  We just don’t get it!  We hear everything from “They just made this up 2 months ago!” to “It’s ripped off KunFu Panda!”.  Well, obviously both these, and probably 9o% of what’s out there, is just incorrect, but it got us talking!  Sure, we know, Pandas.

How can they have ripped off the panda’s? All panda’s are Asian (can’t find them any other place in the world folks) so most story-time pandas are tinged with an Asian flavor….but let’s look at some other things.  WoW has Elves!  OMG and Orcs!  That sounds like LotR to me!  (well that and the fact that half the blood elves I saw for the first year was Legolsomething)  But it doesn’t stop there!  My grandmother used to make some Delicious Chocolate Cakes…How did Blizzard KNOW!?  Some people fish in real life too….coincidence?  Where does the madness end!?!

Right here.

Seriously.  People will complain, moan, point out tid bits of conflicting data (even the golden fun texts in tool tips aren’t safe from scrutiny).  What I would like to see instead, is more creative power!  Let’s see some brainstorming going on about what would be cool!  I remember a post years and years ago about the Furbogs as an Aliance race and Ogres as Horde, backed up with some decent lore complete with racial abilities.  It wasn’t implemented nor ever will be but I miss those kinds of posts.  Pure creative talent!

I’ll start:
After a giggly talk with my other half, I blurted out “DK’s should have a glyph to make an Army of Gnomes!”  Discussing it with a few others, it’s turned out to be a wildly popular idea!  Now, it could be the DK gets an army of the same faction (Gnomes = Alliance; Goblins = Horde)  or opposing!  Might be fun to watch the opposing faction’s pint sized races hold agro and die en mass!  The idea still makes me giggle!

What are some of the crazier ideas you’d like to see implemented into WoW?



Have you ever…? — 3 Comments

  1. I want to be able to skin humanoids who obviously have fur! Like furbolgs, tauren and worgen. I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to skin them? (Except for maybe when your worgen friend comes to visit and looks down at the rug before the fireplace.. his eyes tearing up “Momma?”)

  2. second thought: I’ve often wondered why I couldn’t skin tauren, ogres, or furbogs I’ve rightfully killed….specially the furbogs who have “fur” in their names!!! (naga, ogres, orcs, bloodelves, dwarves with long beards, etc….should all be free game)

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