Hour of Twilight Patch 4.3: One week in

Hey guys!  I’ve been taking some time off from writing to get a handle on my physical health and touch base a bit more with the game I love to play so much.  So, in the time since I last wrote we have a new patch (4.3) and lots of posts and discussions regarding this.  Everything from Class Changes to complaints about the Darkmoon Fair. (seriously?)  I thought I’d share my first impressions.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I stopped theory crafting or even looking too carefully at stats ages ago.  We raid progressively but believe skill and a good attitude will bring you further than that extra 3 points in xx stat you could squeeze out by reforging everything.  So I won’t be talking about how to play your priest (or lesser classes) better in that regard, just share some thoughts I’ve been having in the hopes there are like minds out there….somewhere.

Logging in
You may remember how excited I was about the annual pass.  I love testing beta’s and the chance to play Diablo III free of charge was very appealing.  When I logged in Wednesday afternoon, I checked my mail as usual and found a shiny new mount in there!  It was like any denominational, or non, made-up in-game holiday where gift giving and surprises are central!

From that point on, I was in a good mood, skipping and even /cheered.  That’s when my next surprise became apparent:  NEW GOBLIN CHEER ANIMATION! Oh yeah, I was one happy goblin!  I look like this tiny little very happy anime cheer leader.  Love it!  The raid did too btw, great tension dispersion tool.  You can’t help but giggle when out of the cauldron suddenly pops up a cheering goblin telling you things like “Awsome!”.

Around about the time my cheering was making even the critters question my sobriety, I ask a guard where I could find the Transmorph guy.  Found him, took a look at the interface then went to my bank to hunt up the gear I’d so carefully collected.  Here’s what I’ve chosen for my char: Kimzowy

For the moment, I’m going for a winter pixy look.  I’m happy with it.  I would love to do more with her outfits, but let’s face it; she’s a goblin and goblins are designed to pull off every look effortlessly but she sure is cute!

That’s all the time I’ve got for now.  As a reminder to myself, I wish to speak next time about our first weekend raiding (6/8 BABY!), shifting looting systems from T12 to T13 and the general feel of the new pve content.



Hour of Twilight Patch 4.3: One week in — 3 Comments

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  2. “the lesser classes”!!?? PFF!!

    I haven’t been to Darkmoon Faire yet to be honest. I just haven’t had time *lol* For some reason I’ve been slacking a lot, and when not slacking I’ve been running Heroics over and over again on a variety of characters. (I do like the new Heroics!)

    The winter pixie look for your priest is great!

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