Relating to your Faction/Race — 4 Comments

  1. Learn how to heal….erm, maybe I should rethink this!
    You forgot to mention that it’s taken me 6 chars 3 to lvl 20 before I decided upon a gnome of all things! The one race I would have never imagined back when I played ally! /giggle /giggle /giggle Just can’t beat that though!
    Re-discovering an old faction is very interesting indeed, nostalgia mixed with subtle confusion every time I go to heal a Nelf…I mean, what’s up with that?!?!

    • I’m sure I’ll eh.. learn to heal.. or something.. I’m a good PvP healer on my priest.. PvE healing on paladin.. well.. I need to do some more Heroics, but I’ve not wiped anyone yet! (I bet that because I said that my next one will be one big wipe-fest)

      I still can’t believe you’re a gnoam now! A GNOAM!

      Not quite sure yet how I’ll feel healing an orc.. or troll.. you have to take me to a Heroic and we shall see. Who knows, maybe I forget to heal you all cause I think you’re the enemy!

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