Best WoW Memory (Day 4)

There are so many memories that you make in WoW and I think I would actually be hard-picked to choose one.

You have the special first boss-kill memories, the memories of friends you’ve made and special occasions that may stay with you for years. Or the memories from your first few days in WoW when everything was new and shiny.

Despite me actually suggesting the topic, I have to admit that I can’t pick one single, favourite memory.

There are certain bosses whose memories I enjoy more simply because we put so much time and effort into killing them. My first memory like that was Ragnaros. It was my very first “big” boss to kill and it’s still a boss kill I remember fondly. We’d just spent such a long time in there working on that boss and preparing for that boss that when he finally went down everyone was cheering on Ventrilo.

Another boss that felt special was Lady Vashj. I don’t think we spent nearly as long on her as I did on Ragnaros back in the day, but it was still a fight that took us some time to master – and finally seeing her dead was such a great feeling.

I also remember the very first couple of conversations I had with someone who is now a very dear friend. When we first started talking I had no idea that we’d end up being as close as we are today, but I can still remember those first conversations (which is funny cause I probably forgot the majority between then and now – 3+ years later).

WoW is a great game – and yes, it has flaws – but I think we shouldn’t forget the memories we carry with us even as we may one day stop playing and leave the game. I know that I, for one, am grateful for the time I’ve spent in WoW and for the friends I’ve made.

What about your WoW memory/memories?


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