Introduction (Day 1)

I guess it’s time for me to get started on the challenge I issued myself. Several people are already ahead of me, so it’s about time I get started! The plan was to start this weekend, but some family issues meant I spent the weekend re-arranging my apartment instead.

So, anyway.. introductions.

I’m a Warlock at heart – with evil plans of world domination (think Pinky & the Brain.. really, I will hum you the theme!) but for some reason I never quite seem to figure out the best way to, you know, take over the world.

So in the meanwhile I play WoW and try to vanquish the evils there. Hang on, wait, that doesn’t seem right. And yes, when I made my first Death Knight and we had that big battle at the Light’s Hope Chapel I was yelling out “Noo, Arthas.. Take me with you! I want to remain evil!”

Okay, okay.. Fine. I’m not entirely evil. People tell me I’m actually quite pleasant (who knew!) so I must be doing something right.

I’m from Sweden but spent 7 years living in The Netherlands (without learning to speak the language fluently), but moved back to Sweden in 2007 after getting sick and unable to work for the time being. I went from having a really good job at the HR department of a UN organisation to being stuck at home barely able to get out of bed.

After literally years of trying to figure out what the hell happened it turns out that I hit that proverbial wall because of an underlying condition of fibromyalgia and some severe deficiencies in various (apparently important) vitamins that my body refuse to take up on its own (enter big needles.. I hate needles btw). All of which gave me the energy levels of.. I don’t know, a groundhog in winter?

But! Enough about the boring stuff! (I’m getting a lot better btw, back to work even if not 100% yet.) I’m a creative soul (hah!) who love writing. Before I got sick I’d completed two manuscripts for historical novels. I’ve never sent them to a publisher because I hate rejection (and they’re much better off collecting hypothetical dust on my computer), and I have plenty more stories in my head that I want to write down.

I love playing WoW and in some ways it’s a creative outlet as well, even though I don’t RP. Most of my characters have their own little stories (you really don’t need to RP to know your chars.. I mean it!) and I get my HR kick out of being an officer in my guild.

I think that’s enough about me, I have much more fun reading everyone else’s posts than writing my own – so I will get back to that now.

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