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  1. Transfer. It’s so worth the money. Even if you level a new alt, you’re talking a month of leveling. How much is your time worth?

    • Yes, that’s exactly what I’m thinking. I find myself fairly low on time as it is – and leveling a new character from scratch and gearing them up is something that’d take quite a bit of time.

  2. During my years of playing WoW I’ve made (I think) three (or was it four?) paid account/server/faction changes. I’m not one to advocate for or against though, since it *is* a lot of money in exchange for the offered service.

    However, since I know myself pretty well and I know what I prioritize higher, I know I’d definitely make the transfer. I’m not very good at speed leveling, and I loose interest pretty quickly – if I’ve paid money in order to move the character that serves as some motivation to keep playing (though I admit it’s pretty pathetic to have to resort to guilt-tripping oneself in order to play).

    You know what? Just ignore me. I’m not a very good example. On top of that, I’m not great at managing my economy; being a student I can’t really afford *anything* and yet somehow I get by without starving. ‘Tis a mystery 😉

    Non-helpful comment is non-helpful ^^’

    • I’ve been thinking about it, and while I’ve been wanting to get a character through the 1-60 content I think it might be a bit too much pressure to level quickly since I’d want to get to 85 and start gearing up.

  3. Being the cheap-skate that I am, I would level a new character. Also I love leveling alts, so that would save any disappointment if it turns out my friends guild had already filled the spot ince I get there. I think that is what you have to choose between;
    How much money is it for you? Some people think 45 euro (is it really that much btw?) is a piss in the ocean, to me it’s a weeks paycheck *cough*.
    How fun do you feel it is to level another character? Some people would rather go through fire than level another alt, some think it is among the most fun things you can do in the game.
    How disappointed would you be if you don’t make it in time? It probably wouldn’t be a good idea if you stress out about leveling fast either, you might want to take your time so that leveling the character doesn’t turn into yet another daily chore. If you think it would take too much time, and this really bothers you, you’re probably better of paying a transfer.

    But on the other hand, if you don’t mind leveling a little alt, you wouldn’t have lost anything if you get to max level and it turns out you don’t fit in your friends guild. Personally I would hate to pay 45 euro just to find out that I hate the guild/can’t raid with them anymore/other reason for making the transfer meaningless and money wasted.

    • You make some very good points, but as I’m thinking about it more I know that I don’t have a lot of spare time to spend on leveling. Whenever I try to level something new lately I end up thinking of the stuff I still want to do on my top level characters (it’s bad, I know).

      I want to see the 1-60 content, but if I’m rushing to get to 85 and geared I doubt I’d get to enjoy it anyway. So it’s possibly better to transfer and then level something casually on the side if I have a bit of spare time.

  4. I put more value on my free time than my wallet…so I’d transfer if it was me. Leveling has gotten faster, but it still will take quite a while to get leveled up and raid-ready.

    • Yeah, I’m a bit the same. I really value my time, and I hate feeling pressured to level. I’d prefer having a little alt on the side I think 🙂

  5. Urgh – late to the party having only just checked my Reader… my 10 cents is as follows:

    I’m loving levelling (you might have gathered this) but I really wouldn’t want to be doing it within a defined timeframe and with the pressure that people were waiting for me so they could get on and raid (assuming I’ve read your post correctly). I did this on my first priest and it was tough… even if your friend(s) don’t pressure you, there’s that internal pressure, or there was for me anyways. Plus you’re not *really* going to enjoy the new content if you’re goal is to hit max level ASAP…?

    How badly do you want to get raiding with your friend? How badly do you want every bit of your ‘free’ game time being used up by ‘must level’-itis? In addition, I’m hearing that the 80 – 85 stage is hard. Having not yet gotten a character to 85 (mine’s sitting at 83 whilst I mess with the alt family) I can’t comment, but you’ve done it so I guess you’ll know how you feel about it.

    Personally, I’ve done many server/faction/race changes. Blizz have had a small fortune offa me over the course of the last few years. But I was time poor and cash rich… back then! I’d think harder now I’m spending Himself’s hard earned cash!

    I guess only you really know what’s best for you. Either way will work out fine eventually hon, because, y’know [whispers] it’s just a game! *hugs*

    • Thanks for your comments, and you’re right on the money. Leveling the 1-60 content with the feeling of “have to get to 85” is probably not the best approach. Looking at it that way it’d be better to transfer the character and level an alt on the side. (I do have some little druid lying around somewhere!)

    • I hate leveling without heirlooms, it has to be said *lol*

      I actually have an 80 paladin on the home server already *cough* So I can transfer the other one (who can’t fit on the home server without me deleting something anyway I’ve realised) and still have a paladin on my home server should I decide I want to play one there as well 🙂

  6. While the 45 euros is quite a bit of cash, transfering would be the easier of the two options. As someone else stated, it may take you a month to recap another toon and then you must of course gear up which may take you another few weeks. When all is said and done, it may be roughly two months before you see a raid with your horde friend.

    Personally, if I had the cash I’d probably just do the account/faction/server transfer in all one swoop. Trying to level up an alt without BoAs or gold can just be tedious and painful.

    Just breathe, no need to panic! Just go with what your gut tells you and all will be well.

    • I don’t think I’d have minded leveling as much if I had heirlooms and gold, but I’m lazy and I really want heirlooms. Not even for the bonus XP as much as for the fact that you just kill things so much faster *lol*

      The time it would take to level and gear something new is also off-putting, it must be said.

  7. If you haven’t levelled an alt since cataclysm I would recommend levelling one, but I know I would choose the lazy option and spend some money! I get too attached to my alts and dislike having more than maybe 5 cause I can’t keep track of all of them!
    I’m no help at all xD I would transfer any apart from my shaman if I needed to help friends, but its up to you!

  8. Paladin has arrived and I think you made the right choice for you! You worked so hard on getting her geared for raiding and you did fantastic your first time out (Dual healing with me BH). You’ll be able to solo heal it in no time! (too ambitious?)
    I’ve leved a druid 1 to 85 since Cata came out and while 1-60 was a real treat, TBC and Wrath content was unchanged and the difference in quest structure was very apparent. I was disapointed and ended up doing many levels with just mining/herbing. If you want to see the 1-60 content, just pick an easy to level char (hunter?) and do a few quests a day to 58 – 60 then let it rest…at least till they revamp TBC?
    For me the choice was easy, 45 euros just isn’t there to be considered so it’s the leveling grind. But it will be fun and hopefully not take too long. (Disco Fever FTW!)

    • I just hope I can join for more raids 🙂 I need to do some Heroics as well, and you have to be there to like.. hold my hand or something!

      I’ve started a hunter on my home realm because I want to see the old content (and she has every heirloom available almost) – but admittedly only had time to level her to level 6 so far *lol* I wonder sometimes if I should just do the old content on my main and get Loremaster, but it seems like such a shame not to do it at the appropriate level.

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