Much overdue update!

Wow! It’s been a long while! Lots has happened but I’ve not had the opportunity to log in and finish up all the posts I started. *Sad Face*

Since today is incredibly busy for me as well, I’ll paste our latest guild news! (posted 22 Jan 2012)

Our band of Boefjes

After our wildly successful pre-non-denominational-winter-holiday-changing of western calendar-break, we were a little cocky when we returned last week. After a Saturday’s humility raid which included few more wipes than we are used to, we got Deathwing on Sunday!

So, imagine our excitement when we started Morchok Heroic!

We started the fight with 2 tanks, 4 healers and 4 dps! That was weird! Split into two teams (With TeamA on Morchok and TeamB on Kohcrom) we set to work. 1.5 mins into our first try: Wipe! Doh! We made steady progression but TeamB noticed the noobish TeamA was struggling and couldn’t understand what was going on over there! When TeamB had killed their boss but Team A’s boss was still alive as we wiped, we decided to swap sides since TeamA was clearly unable to take care of it!

So, Team B is now on Morchok, Crystal spawns, then another, then another…what the….*Wipe!* Right, we then understood TeamA’s suffering and took a look at how to keep our guys alive. None of the guides mentioned Morchok casts 3 crystals to Kohcrom’s 1-2! Doesn’t seem like that much more, but trust me, as a healer, it is! It was then we decided to put the winning combination of Cas and Kim on Morchok and the two lesser minions on Kohcrom. (Tim on his off spec and Loutokt newly dinged 2 weeks ago!)

Within a few tries to get our CD’s coordinated, both personalities of the boss were dead and all our raiders alive!

There are several remarkable things in our kill shot this time. Tim was drinking while healing, clearly. The bears also seem to be drunk and the Tree has gon Ent on us. Three sensible people can be found in the middle while Cas seems to be warming his nose on Kim’s Baby Blizzard Bear’s backside. The orcs are too sexeh for this photo.

Well done guys!!!!



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  1. I’ve missed so many first kills this tier, it’s a shame. I was there for most of them in Firelands and it was great fun! Maybe next expansion I can be there for more again 😛

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