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  1. Thanks, that’s a great list. I have been attempting to throw BoH on trash pulls along with Curse of Elements (yeah, may be a DPS loss, but I spec’d into Jinx). Beyond trash, never thought of actually using it in Boss fights.

    Thinking of Heroic dungeons, the one that stands out is Ripsnarl in Deadmines. ‘cept it appears he wipes all when he disappears.

  2. Agian thnx for the tips.
    I do /my guild has some trouble with Magmaw. The adds is actually what makes us wipe 🙁
    alas i found my destro specc lacking and switched to my 2nd specc demon. It felt like i was doing more dps with felstorm and rain of fire. I notice however a huge dps drop when I do this. Other then that…if i would switch back to destro on Magmaw event, my dps for the adds is way to low and they would rather pick a mage over me 🙁

    • Warlock AoE is pretty horrible right now. For Magmaw it is nice to have a Demonology offspec, and Maloriak later on is another nice Demonology fight. For me, personally I prefer Destruction’s playstyle – but if your raid needs you to (especially if you’re low on AoE classes) it might be worth it to go Demonology for those fights.

      As Destruction Rain of Fire does pretty horrible dps at the moment. They’re buffing it in next patch, so hopefully it will be a bit better then. For the most part you will do more damage tab targetting and doing Immolate on the adds than you would using Rain of Fire. But if your raid is low on AoE classes (like mine) you may not have the time to wait for Immolate to run its course. (Do remember to always use Shadowfury though) Do you have someone who can slow the adds? We usually have a Hunter and me on the adds, together with a rogue who will spam FoK with tricks on the Hunter so the Hunter gets all the aggro and can kite as we AoE them down.

      But yes, if you’re having issues, I’d go with a Demonology off-spec. Felguard really rocks on adds 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply agian :).
        We have a hunter ice trap the adds so they slow down. During the Magmaw fight he stands away from the rest of the raid to spawn the adds at his spot. Once the adds are spawn, the raid is focused on them. Alas I always find 1 or 2 of the adds still wandering around with the rest of the raid back on Magmaw.

        • That easily happens, especially if you have melee go in and dps them. If they get aggro they will have the add on them and bring it into the raid (possibly spawning new ones). If low on AoE really all you can do is try to kill those stragglers. If there’s just one or two though it’s obviously better just just focus them down and not AoE – your hunter should easily be able to do that too.. (OP class.. *growl*)

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  4. Bane of Havoc double dips on Curse of the Elements. If you are using Bane of Havoc, always remember to also put up Curse of the Elements as well. The target will not take 15%, but 16.2% of the damage done to other targets.

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