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  1. Heh – good post πŸ™‚

    Seriously though, I’m with you on pretty much all of this. I rarely feel that I have anything constructive to add to posts – if something strikes a real chord I tend to respond via a post of my own, rather than a wall of text in the form of a comment. However, so much of the time, what I actually want to write is /concur, or similar and I’m never sure how people feel about it. I know that, like you, I enjoy all the comments I receive, and would be happy with /concur… but I’m not everybody.

    • Absolutely agree with both of you! I tend to worry that the kind of people that write serious, well-thought-out posts are not the kind that would appreciate my /agree comments…but maybe I’m assuming too much. I think I’ll join you in at least giving props to a post I agree with and trying my best to write longer replies when I can.
      This is the first blog comment I’ve left in weeks – your post has really hit the nail on the head πŸ˜‰

      • I could be wrong, of course – I’m definitely not one of the people who write the serious, well-thought-out posts *lol* So maybe they disagree – but I know for me personally I love any comment. (Okay, if someone writes to say they think I suck, I may not love it – but hey, they’re taking the time to comment! *lol*)

        I feel bad that I read so many posts and leave so few comments. It’s why I’ve resolved to try and better myself in that regard πŸ™‚

        • Hehe, I actually *did* have someone comment with one sentence stating “I think you suck”. Sure it was a troll, and sure I deleted it, but it’s still amazing how hurtful it can be (and then I got annoyed because it’s stupid to get upset over such a small thing). Since then, I’ve chosen to just run all comments through me before they get published.

          That was just a side note though. On topic: nice post! πŸ˜› [Insert constructive feedback and praise here, kthx]… I really should comment stuff more, it’s just (excuses!) I tend to read blogs on my iphone, and I get lazy ^^’ Bad Val!

          • Yeah, I didn’t touch on “bad” comments in the post – those are never fun. But I like to think that people who can’t post more valuable feedback than “I think you suck” aren’t worth my time – or anyone else’s.

            I’m definitely guilty of being lazy too *lol* Sometimes it’s just really difficult to find something to say, but I do want to try πŸ™‚

    • That’s exactly how I feel – some posts are just really well-written and there’s not really anything I can add to it, and just doing /concur or /agree or even just “well written!” feels like it’d be so lame. But then I try to think for a moment and realise that hey, you know what.. I’d love it if someone made comment on something I wrote, even if it was just to say that they agree.

  2. I’ve actually gotten a comment once which was pretty useless (not including the few spams I’ve got about jesus coming to save me). It was a comment on some post I had written on the differences between tanks I think where I had noted that some tanks definitely are trickier to tank with than others. The comment simply said something along the lines of “l2p noob” and well… that might be true, but those words alone won’t really help me with that πŸ˜›

    • *lol* Well, I’ll admit that I think that if you are going to criticise you should do so constructively. The “l2p noob” is about as useful on a blog as it is in game πŸ˜›

  3. These day especially, I never get to comment as much as I would like to. I’m usually doing well to post anything of my own and it’s a double miracle if I actually reply to any comments I receive.

    I’d really like to be better about commenting, but until the bulk of my reading shifts away from time snatched on my phone on the train, I don’t see it really happening.

    From the other side, I do appreciate pretty much every comment I get. Some of them are so deliberately obtuse or obnoxious that I just roll my eyes and ignore them, but not many. Very, very few. By and large, even the short “this was funny” or “I totally agree” comments make me happy, because at least I know I am not writing into a void.

    • I think a lot of us suffer from the same problems; lack of time and sometimes you just don’t really feel that you have anything valuable to add to the conversation. I know I often feel that way – or I’m just reading something while waiting for someone/something and finding the time to comment can be difficult.

  4. I must admit, I keep my blog as a personal brain-dump-deposit-box because if I don’t write something down, I tend to forget; I’m getting old. I don’t use a hit counter either, as I don’t think I want to know how many people are reading. If it’s hardly any, I’ll feel bad. If it’s loads, I’ll feel pressured to turn out content.

    However, the two times I’ve been linked on WoW Insider suggest that my blog has a wider readership than I first thought. Added to that, I do love getting comments but appreciate that my style of writing doesn’t come across as very conversational. Blogs such as this one have a charm that mine lacks, sort of like an invitation to jump in and share what you’re thinking. I suppose I could edit for that, but then the blog wouldn’t really be “mine” anymore.

    I’m totally with you on commenting, though, and I should be better at it. I suppose those who’ve commented in the past and not seen an addition from me maybe wonder what the point was.

    Still, I do <3 comments.

    • All blogs have different “feels” to them, and I think that’s great. It would be kind boring if we were all the same πŸ˜‰

      I’ll admit that I read all of your posts, but I’m often one of those horrible lurkers, because I seldom comment. I guess yours is one of those that “scare” me a little bit, because I feel I might not have something useful to add to the conversation. That’s when I try to remind myself that most people actually do appreciate comments – even if they’re not the brainchild of the month πŸ™‚

  5. My personal rule is that I only comment when I have something to say.
    There can also be a lot of typing in your details into like 2-3 boxes before you can even get to the commenting itself, not to mention the times I’ve lost comments and just thought “whatever” and left.
    So sometimes making a small positive nod is effort.

    Having said that, this is something Facebook got right – the “like” button.
    I think WordPress has this function too, and I’ll remind myself to use that one more, it’s better than nothing. Would be nice if I could have “liked” this post as wel πŸ˜‰ “like” buttons do a pretty good job of that small nod of agreement, while being no effort at all.

    • I usually have that problem (losing comments etc.) with Blogger, I guess it’s because I don’t have a Blogger account – and some of them don’t allow Name/URL posting which kind of leaves me hanging. There are times where I’ve written a post anyway, signing with my personal Google ID (not something I’m fond of, since I kind of like to keep my WoW blog to my WoW stuff and my personal ID for.. well, anything else) – then for some reason it all messes up and I lose it all. I seldom re-write then.

      Admittedly I don’t really use Facebook, but I see your points about the “like” button, it’s a nice, easy and simple way to make the writer know you read and liked what they wrote. I might have to look into what add-on I’d need for that πŸ˜›

  6. I definitely love getting comments, too! I think when you look at the number of views, you’re like “Oh, cool! That many people stopped by today!”. But then I personally have to wonder how many of them either:

    a) actually meant to come to read my blog, and if they found what they were looking for,
    b) just stumbled upon it by accident ’cause they typed something in the search engine and immediately hit their “back” button ’cause it was NOT at ALL what they were looking for,
    c) if they meant to come to my blog (or found it) and read something relative to what they were looking for, but didn’t find it helpful or interesting.

    I have a mixture of random posts as well as very lengthy, well thought out ones, and I must say … I like comments on any of them. To me, that symbolizes that they meant to read what I wrote, and whether or not they agreed, it struck some kind of chord with them, good or bad. The fact that they took the time to comment on what I wrote shows that the reader cares enough about, and finds interesting enough, what I’ve taken the time to do and that, hey! It wasn’t a complete waste of their time to read what I had to say πŸ˜‰

    • I read somewhere that 90% of blog readers are lurkers – they never comment. So I think that’s why the number of views compared to comments are so skewed. It’s kind of crazy really, to think that only one in 10 – if even that! will comment on something you wrote – even if they did very much enjoy it.

      Worst part is I know I’m one of them at times – I read soo many blog posts every week and I don’t comment on even half. Something I’m working on getting better at though πŸ™‚

  7. I love getting comments on my blog. It’s nice to know that people are actually reading your posts. While thoughtful posts that generate discussion are especially appreciated, I’ll take any comment over none at all whether it’s: “/agree”, “you suck”, or “wow, Jasyla you’re the most amazing druid ever” (I’ve never got that particular one, but I can dream).

    I should really comment more on other blogs more. I just read so many of them. I’ve got over 100 in my reader. Maybe I should set a goal for myself: leave 3 comments every day you go through your reader. Something like that.

    Speaking of comments – have you ever considered adding a Subscribe to Comments option on your blog?

    • I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on commenting in general lately, and I think that’s one of the things I should do. It can be quite helpful I imagine (subscribe to comments).

      I too enjoy comments, it’s always nice with discussions, but I’ll settle for the “/agree” ones or anything even just to know that someone read what I wrote hehe

  8. I really want to comment on every post I read, but I run into the same problems you experience. It feels daunting, sometimes I don’t even know what to write, and just writing “I agree” or “great post” could seem like I only want to get clicks on my own blog. Also I have a habit of reading the blog posts that accumulate in my feed reader in a bunch. That way I often read a post when it’s already a week or so old (or almost two, like this one :P), and then I feel like it’s too late to comment on it. Oh and sometimes I type a superlong comment only to delete it again because I think “who the hell will want to read this anyways?”. Yeah I’ve generally got a problem with keeping things short. πŸ˜›

    But then again I myself love -every- comment on my blog, no matter what it says. It shows me there are people out there reading what I write, and that really makes me happy. πŸ™‚

    • I sometimes have that as well – reading things late when they’re already up to a week old or so. My blog reading is usually confined to down time at work or some odd time left between doing things at home, so sometimes it takes me a while to get through my (later large) feedreader *lol*

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