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  1. That’s a nice set up. I use dominoes, which is a bit chaotic but I find it easy to use. Think I will have to check out Obituary ^^

  2. @Naora – I don’t know why, but I love obituary *lol* I guess I like to know how my fellow players met their death. I do find it useful in raids though to see if someone died because they were standing in the stupid 😛

  3. I just recently found the following UI: TukUI. It’s pretty neat and clean, but handles a little bit different. If you want to change anything, you’ll need to do so in a file in the WoW folder instead of in the game, and once done just /rl to see the changes. Here is a link:

    Additionally, I use Healbot, Elkano Buffbars, Quartz and Needtoknow. NTK is actually a pretty simple addon that shows you any customizable buff/debuff/spell cooldown etc. on you or your target in very simple bars. Maybe you should give it a try since it will only provide you with the information that you want to see.


  4. @Pyrrus – Looks nice! I always like them clean and easy to use 🙂 And the pretty stuff at the bottom matches your sparkly pony 😛

    @Quincy Stephco – Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

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