On this blog I’m known as Saga, it was the first name of my first alliance character – and what my oldest WoW friends still call me, even though my priest has since had to change her name during a server transfer, and I have another main.

I started playing WoW in March of 2006 after my brother had nudged me to do so for several months. When I first started playing I was Horde, but these days I’ve been converted to the Alliance.

I’ve been through Vanilla and all of the expansions, and I’m in the same guild since early TK/SSC days in TBC. Before joining them I was the Guild Master of my own guild, I am now an Officer, which suits me just fine.

Through the years I’ve played every class in the game to some extent. In 2011 I completed my personal achievement of having one character of each class at the highest level currently available.

When playing I will focus my attention on my main character and making sure I know everything there is to know and have the best gear available to me for raiding with my guild, but I also enjoy playing my alts and collecting pets and mounts.



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