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  1. Love the idea. Gnome Priest incoming at some point this weekend/early next week. Probably won’t have too much time to play her but happy to be a cheerleader.

  2. That sounds quite fun, though also like it would require quite a lot of time for a “fun little thing to do on the side”. Then again, I’ve never actually created a twink myself, so maybe I’m vastly overestimating the effort that’s needed?

    Also, is there room in the Punter guild for not-quite-identical support characters? Like, I dunno, a warrior to tank Gnomer for all those priests and mages? 😀

    • I think some people may be putting more time into it, but for me it has to stay as a “fun little thing to do on the side”, because I have so much else to do! So I will level my gnome clone and play her at the speed I can 🙂

      I’m allowing others into the guild as well, but of course you won’t get the prestigious title of “Clone”, but “Impostor” in the guild ranks 😛 I wouldn’t even mind you coming along in BGs.. I think a Warrior would make a great flag carrier!

    • I raid 16 hours a week and on the off-days I sleep or do RBGs, so I definitely won’t have tons of time to spend on my gnomie. But it sounds like a fun project and level 24 isn’t that hard to reach, at least.

  3. Why Lock at level 24?

    The 15-19 XP-Off bracket is alive and kicking, including in EU, and you won’t be shitting on the face of Trial players, who are very limited in their Enchants and such and maximum level 20.

    I hope it isn’t because people are just bad (in all senses of the word) .

    • I don’t know why this bracket was chosen, it was a decision made by several people through voting in the document linked where it was all discussed. Most people wanted to do the 20-24 bracket, so that’s what we’re going for.

      • Okay seems to be the reason I expected.

        Do be aware that in an environment of Trial accounts you won’t exactly be welcomed with open arms, be seen as contributing anything good, or be fighting opponents that run as powerful toons.

        Basically you’ll just be back to pre-XP Lock twinking i.e. douchebags fighting lesser-geared opponents – that can’t even in theory get the gear (or even levels) that you will be running around with.

        • The main reason was actually to do with access to Gnomer and more dungeons available to run, for a more varied selection of gear and more stuff to do while not PvPing.

          As for the F2P twinks, that’s an argument that we really do not need to get into now. Many people (you) hate anyone who does level 24 twinking, and many people (me) think that it’s a perfectly valid place to PvP. Since we’re doing it, though, you don’t need to call us douchebags.

          • Ah, thanks for that – I knew there was a reason we chose that bracket – I just couldn’t quite remember what it was.

            As far as twinking goes, I’d say that we’re on a more even level to F2P accounts than those who goes in with heirlooms in either case. Not that it should matter, everyone can play the game as they want to, of course.

  4. hi,

    its a nice idea .. something different..
    one question here … from the name “lilli” + suffix, it seems all will be famale toons. is it ?

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  7. Lilleigh reporting for duty! Not sure when I’ll get around to leveling her up since Saga has me on the leveling treadmill with my gnome priesty-pie (68 woot!) but I’ll be around.

    See you Clones later!

  8. I love this idea! Been watching Cyn & Psyn’s twitter for some time ‘cos I’m just getting into a bit of PvP myself. I” pick something & find you guys later today hopefully xxx

    • I’ve started to put some dates in the calendar for 20+ members. I don’t know yet when people can do it, but everyone should have access to add events if they have suggested times/dates as well 🙂

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