4.3 – A Week Later — 6 Comments

  1. Well about this patch … is weird, i expected more of a challenge, we cant say is hard the new 5mans and Dragon soul, i found Firelands more challenging , but none the less i like it. The new 5mans are faster to run than ZG/ZA and i like the ambiance of Dragon Soul.

    LFR is ….. messy, a very good addiction to the game, it allows people to see more and get some goodies.

    Arguing … well i’m not the perfect example but i’m starting to get so tiered of “The WoW wise guy/Player”, tiered of the dps that don’t give a dam for others or tacts, they fail and blame all others but them, tanks that don’t have a clue how to tank, healers that .. don’t heal (or try). I must admit that i have a short fuse…. but lately i’m happy when i enter the instance don’t say a word a leave at the end quiet.

    Winner of….
    My winner of most wipes, End of Time last boss, me on my DK tanking, 3 guys from the same guild, each of them with bad gear, healer in blues and blue PVP gear …… the 5th was a random that joined wiped and leave … after like 7 wipes, and me countless of times saying “Plz use the Hourglass” they start blaming me, and we tryed again and again ( if only i didnt want gear from that boss 😉 ), me tiered say “Guys u blame me, so lets do my way once and if we fail, i’ll leave” … we finally do it, i just type “i’m really a bad player”

    • Doing the Heroics I always find it amazing how many people don’t do basic things like use their interrupts. If the boss/mobs are casting something that can be interrupted, why not do so to save your healer some mana by not having to heal through it? (The Echo of Jaina is quite horrible sometimes. I feel sorry for the healers that have to heal through 3 of the aoe damage spell if there’s no one interrupting.)

      The constant nagging from everyone about who is a bad dps/healer/tank is getting tiring as well. There’s the odd instance where it doesn’t happen – but it seems to happen more often than not.

      Oh wow, people not using the hourglass on Murozond.. I’m fairly certain the boss can’t even be killed without using it at this point. If the aoe doesn’t kill you the room would surely be filled with those yellow swirly things and there’d be nowhere to stand *lol*

  2. Loving the new patch!
    I didn’t have time today to talk about everything I’m doing since the baby goblin was running around my desk handing me everything he could get his hands on in the house. When he arrived with some items from a locked cupboard, I figured it was time to cut it short and break up the post into many many many small ones!

    You really should take a look at the darkmoon fair. I’m loving it there and it’s great R&R! Also looking forward to all the nifty vanity pets and mounts to be had 🙂

  3. Night Elf Warlock does look wrong, yes!

    But you really should check out the Darkmoon Faire, it’s so much fun! Or I wish it was real, maybe I should visit Liseberg soon.. hmm.. 😀 50k profit in a week is great btw 🙂

    And I totally agree about the arguing and looting in the new heroics. I’ve been trying to gear up my fury warrior, queued heroics for a whole day and when items I needed finally dropped everyone else who were able to equip the item also needed on it 🙁 Without even asking if they could need it for off spec or whatever. A feral druid needed on a 2h str mace and a good geared paladin healer needed on a str trinket.
    I cba to argue with them but I don’t think it’s very nice. But I’ve met people who call others names if they fail once or hanging behind, dying or whatever. People aren’t nice 🙁

    • The general spirit of “everyone need on everything” is something I find very bothersome. I realise that everyone wants to gear up, but if I have the decency to not roll for tank loot if the tank needs it, I’d appreciate if he did the same for me. Sadly it seems very few people agree with this approach 🙁

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