9 Things I Want in WoW — 10 Comments

  1. I’ve already thought a couple times about the warlock flying mount. Obviously it needs to be difficult to get and needs to have the warlock theme rolling through it.

    A flaming chariot pulled by the Felsteed, Dread steed, Midnight (From Karazhan), and the Headless Horseman’s mount. Just the level of awesomeness contained in seeing one of these chariots burning a path down from the sky would make newbies wet themselves and make seasoned players sit up and pay attention to the level of dedication the warlock has.

  2. I agree on every point! Warlocks are long over due for their ‘class specific flying mount‘. May…be.. if we could simply convert into our demo form and fly!?!?

    I had been tempted to start engineering on my lock to get the portable mailbox, but geesh, what a pain!

    I’ve wanted to post comments on raid invites, for things like “tentative – trying to put kids in bed. be there asap.” of course, if I could send pst from outside the game it would be even better.

    • I remember back in Vanilla, before the in-game raid calendar even existed, there was an add-on that did all this. You could invite people to a raid, and they could answer, and add a comment. I don’t see why Blizzard hasn’t added an option for that, surely it can’t be too hard? And from outside the game, why not link it to the Armoury page for your guild? There’s a calendar in there, I don’t see why we can’t actually use it and have it interact with in-game. (Okay, maybe that’s too advanced, I don’t know).

      You can use the WoW app on your phone (if it’s a smartphone) to change statuses on raid invites I think. Still no option to comment though 🙁

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