The Crazies are coming! Flee? — 2 Comments

  1. I can be crazy if you ever feel that you’re not getting enough of it one of these days 😉

    Your way of dealing sounds like it’s working. For me, I find that it also helps to have understanding fellow gamers/officers to use as a sound board. Somtimes to just be able to vent without worrying about repercussions and sometimes to get a different set of eyes on the problem. (This is probably why you’re my go-to person for all these things.. you poor, poor woman!)

    While you’re point about it just being a game is a very valid one, and definitely true – I find that the very nature of this particular game means that there are interactions with real people – and as such it has a much greater impact on us outside of the game than say.. playing Dragon Age. This of course brings both good and bad things, but I like to think that the fact that I play with other people, is the reason I keep playing WoW.

    That said, it is important to not let it run your life away from the computer, and I’m glad that you can get that perspective at the end of the day and not let it all get to you. Especially as a guild leader things can get tough, and I’m glad you have ways of dealing with it.

  2. Agreed! This game is personal as well as fun. It’s time spent, time away from family and it’s easy to take it too seriously. I wrote this when an irrational member finally left. Since then we’ve had some new and exciting things happen that’s screaming for me to write about!

    Next topic will be a classic with a twist: Loot drama when a loved one is involved!

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