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  1. Heh, as you know, I’m not managing NaNo either. That said, I’m going to try and carry on writing, even if I don’t hit the arbitrary deadline with the right amount of words.

    Em, I recall that you’ve stopped work. What you might be feeling, is that de-stabilisation of not *having* to be anywhere at a given time, in a routine. I sympathise *huggles* and it will get easier. That’s why making yourself do something every day, if that’s 100 words on the blog that’s great, is a GOOD thing. It gives you a gentle goal to meet every day. Even if you don’t publish them, even if you write them on a whole ‘nother private blog, you’ll have done it.

    And yaaaaaaaay for visits! That’s wonderful, that you’re seeing each other again so soon. I’m excited for you all over again!

    • I’m working on a little bit of a schedule to keep myself to, but it’ll be another week before I can properly do it – because I’m taking care of my aunt’s dogs while she’s on vacation (which kind of interrupts my day). I’m always tired, but yeah, I imagine the “not working” isn’t helping.

      I’m glad that you’re continuing to write. In the end NaNo is mostly about getting started I guess, so if you don’t hit 50k at least you’ve gotten started even if it only ends up 10 or 20k. What are you writing? If I may ask?

      Keeping my fingers crossed for the visit. Definitely hope nothing happens to stop it!

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